This week

IMG_1546What an incredibly busy, and yet amazing week, full of learning, lighting, and laughs! First off, I shot a series of wedding showcase portraits of two ‘brides’, one dressed and made up in a more Middle Eastern style, and one in a more western style for a wedding venue client.

One of the ladies was a professional model and wow, how easy it is to shoot models. They know how to stand to look their best, their best angles. All a photographer has to do is make sure the lighting is correct and point and click. It was maybe a little too easy, I didn’t even have to work for my shots!

I also got to shoot various table lay-outs that brides can choose from for their set-up. The tables ranged from  a more traditional white table and chairs with muted pastel flowers, to a full on mirrored table with gold plated chairs, gold plated plates, and gold accents highlighted by fuchsia orchids – not really my style – but it was very interesting to see just how much detail goes into making a high-end bridal table. There were pearl encrusted table napkin rings, miniature, carefully wrapped gifts for each guest, and more!

One of my best bits of the day was getting some shots of the hotel team goofing around. I think these bits are my favourite, when you get real people with real expressions.  I can’t wait to share the pictures once they have been published by the client. They are under an embargo until then.

I also did an indoor newborn shoot. This little guy was just seven days old – tiny! But, compared to my last shoot with a little two-month-old, he was much easier to take pictures of. He was easier to pose, despite being awake, and far more likely to stay put during shooting!! I look forward to sharing those next week too.

It was a really great learning experience, and I have now finally decided what external lighting needs to be on my shopping list! I have never been so happily busy in my life!

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