Personal photo projects: Tattoos and bodyscapes

I have been taking pictures of such a variety of amazing people over the last month that have inspired me to do two of my own personal projects for 2018.

I recently shot both a Crossfit competitor, and a young gymnast. The muscle definition on both has inspired me to work on a series of bodyscapes in black and white with high contrast to really showcase muscle definition, and shape. I am looking for athletes of any kind – it can be anything from yoga to rugby and can be very highly muscled, or slightly softer, as long as there is light definition.

The second project is going to be a focus on tattoos, can be men or women, but the focus on on the artwork, not on the person. For this you can be any size, shape or gender. You just have to be willing to show me your body art and let me take pictures!

This is going to be an ongoing personal project, and I am looking for people who want to be part of this. I can’t pay, but can do a 20 minute mini-shoot in return, with five digital images for you to use.

If you are interested in taking part, drop me a message with your contact details on my contact page:

Currently this is a Dubai-based project.

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