I had a fabulous opportunity today to do a portrait shoot for a lady, whose husband is going to get it turned into part of a sleeve tattoo done by the amazingly talented Jay Freestyle in Amsterdam. I really can not wait to see my picture tattooed on someone’s skin. Not that it will be an exact copy, more of a inspiration photo, but still. Not many photographers can say their work has been put on someone for life – by such a great artist too!

Definitely the highlight of my week.

I am also currently working on a personal high-contrast black and white project, one of which I posted on my social media yesterday (and at the top of this post!). At the moment its a sort of exploration of textures, the soft and the hard, shapes, lines, and curves. Let’s see what it turns into. I will be posting it on another tab on this website for my personal art projects.

By the way – would you call photography an art, or a skill? Drop me a message in the comments below.

Oh, and Photoshop. Finally I have found a super-quick way to smooth skin, without losing texture. This means, where needed I can smooth out blemishes and uneven skin tone, should a client want it. I am not a huge fan of Photoshopping people too much. I think subtlety is the key – a little smoothing here and there can make a client feel better about his/herself. Next on the list of ‘things I have to learn….’ – head swapping. WHy you may ask? Well, when faces with 20 relatives at a wedding, yoou are pretty much guaranteed to get at least one person gurning or blinking in each photo – the trick is to get a head of that person and replace it in the picture to make everyone look pretty. You don’t want Great Aunty Mavis being unhappy because you can see her false teeth falling out during the family photo-op.

Meanwhile this week brings a bodyscape shoot, a ladies shoot, a wedding shoot, and a newborn shoot! So, next week I am going to have my head down editing everything. I actually enjoy editing so at least it’s not a chore.

Have a great week everyone and I will post the tattoo once it is done, and a reference image (probably in a month).

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