Celebrating the human form

As a fine art student may moons ago, I loved delving into the curves and lines on a body, following the shapes; drawing a form from muscles and tendons. Exploring the exact proportions between a head and the length of a body – was fascinating to me (if anyone is interested – three head lengths make a torso!).

My art teacher back then in Harare, Zimbabwe, where I grew up, was a gentleman by the name of Peter Birch, and I took evening classes in nude drawing (well, sort of nude – they wore underwear!) using charcoal and chalk on tobacco paper.

The room had that sharp, dry smell of chalkdust, and the warm smell of freshly unrolled new paper. Every class all you could hear was the scritch-scratch of chalk against paper, and Peter’s very British accent pointing out lines, shadows, shapes.

Since I have long-lost the ability to draw as I used to, I decided to use photography to do the same exploration. I am not so interested in faces in this series, but, really, how the body is put together, the ratios, the measurements, the softness, the hardness.

I will be adding more photos as I go, and as I find more models.

I hope you enjoy this series!

Thank you to my model Robert Pankhurst -Dubai-based fitness and nutrition coach. Catch him on Instagram at Fit Dad Project.

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