Finding you through my lens

IMG_7911-3More intimate styles of photoshoots can be contentious, they can be frowned upon. Women say things like ‘Oh, I would NEVER do that”, “I would never let my husband do that!”,  men say “oh I would never let my Partner do that!”.

Those people do not understand just how empowering an intimate photoshoot can be.

When I began doing these photo sessions – I put myself in these women’s shoes, in these men’s shoes – the feeling of wanting to really see yourself  the way the world sees you, see the person that you are in a new light, whether you feel overweight, underweight, saggy in funny places, wrinkly, or just plain unsure of yourself.

Every woman in the world has something they are not happy with. Look at the most beautiful women in the world, do a Google search for their interviews, and there is something they complain about. You know what? There are very few men who don’t suffer from the same thing.

The message below came from a gorgeous client, who did a photoshoot for herself, and as a present for her husband. She had been on a personal journey and felt it was time for the shoot. I was delighted to get that message and know that I played a tiny part in helping this lovely lady feel good about herself.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what intimate photography is all about.


It transcends gender, age, race, culture, and sexual orientation.