Happy Father’s Day 2018! Give a Dad a hug today

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Today is the day to celebrate Dads. Those men who shaped your life, and made you who you are today. The men who taught you how to fish, how to ride a bike, how to treat a girl, how to be treated like a lady, how to punch a man in the eye if they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Whether he is linked to you by DNA, or chose you out of all the other kids in the world to be his, today is the day to recognise the job he has done for you; working nine hours a day to provide a roof over your head, protecting you from harm, or just giving reassurance and cuddles when needed.

The men who step up, stand up, and play a role in their children’s lives whether they are still married, divorced, or never got hitched – you all deserve hug today.

Go hug a dad and tell them they rock ❤

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