Fighting fires

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4,900 acres of land around Lake Christine in Colorado, have been scorched by a blazing inferno over the last two days, the fire driving families, pets, and wildlife before its ferocious heat. Emergency services personnel are fighting every hour to stop the blaze from affecting any more homes. However, 500 homes are directly in the path of the raging wildfire and three homes were destroyed overnight.

As of now, the fire is 0% contained.

Emergency responders are battling day and night to contain the fire, and Facebook groups are being set up offering residents, whose homes and land is in the path of the fire, safe refuge for themselves, their pets, and livestock.

I got to the site of the fire at 5am this morning in time to see the firefighters, police and other emergency services preparing for another shift, you could smell the fire in the air from 40 miles away, the clouds of smoke billowing up over distant mountains creeping up towards the clouds that promise rain, but as yet have not delivered.

My thoughts are with those who have been affected by the fire, and those emergency personnel who are out there battling this wildfire.

Colorado needs rain, and it needs it now, before the whole state burns.

To see the map of the fire area, click here

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