I am playing around with editing techniques and kind of liked how this raven came out – it has an edge of vintage horror to it with the heavy grain, vignette, and sepia toning. I usually hate vignettes (the darkening around the outside of the photo) but I think it works with the atmosphere of these two shots.  There were three of these guys fighting on top of a mound of dirt, I tried to get a bit closer but they flew away. While editing, I noticed that this same bird managed to look like the harbinger of death, gloom and horror in one picture (above) and a goofy idiot in the next (see below).

In fact shortly after this below shot, he managed to trip and flutter about before trying to beat up the guy standing above him, I can only assume he was embarrassed by his lack of coordination!


Here is the original pre-edit of the first image.


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