Finding your soul

Every day the natural beauty and endless possibilities of Colorado astound me. Being surrounded by this beauty is a detox from my years of living in the miserable sandpit of DUBAI, surrounded by nothing but greed, excess, and keeping up with the Jones’s.

Every breath of fresh mountain air washes away the years of smog and dust-laden air that stupefies, dulls, toxifies. That turns humans into automatons desperately scrabbling for the next quick buck, the next golden fix, the next #humblebrag Instagram post.

In the mountains there is no judgement, no one cares how expensive your car is, whether your boots are by the latest designer, or whether you are a CEO of a business. All that matters is that you are having fun, pushing your limits, or just having a nice stroll.

Nature nurtures, it teaches you patience, growth, simplicity, it provides hours of entertainment, games, knowledge.

Nature heals even the most tortured of souls.