Lens-ball fun

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Yesterday I took my lens-ball for a test drive for a family photoshoot. I am pretty pleased with the results so far and cant wait to try it out in more locations and different types of shoots. I can see this being an exceptional tool for both weddings and boudoir photography.

Meanwhile I am setting up my home studio, and hope to be able to test some more abstract concepts with repeating patterns, and shapes soon.

Next on my list is to get the hang of photoshopping the reflection so that the image in the ball is the right way round, although I am not sure how good that would look. Perhaps I just need to shoot bearing in mind the reflection is upside down and compensate in-camera… hmmm.

Let me know if you have any ideas of things I can use this for, or if you have come across nifty gadgets like this that you use for your shoots!

Thanks for reading.. until next time 🙂

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