Child portraiture

I have been having so much fun over the last two weeks focusing on child portraiture shoots. I can’t wait to start my fall mini sessions!

I took a trip over the mountains behind Aspen this weekend to check out photoshoot locations, and noticed the leaves on the very edges of the Aspen trees beginning to turn yellow. I am so excited to see my first fall colors here in Colorado, and do some family shoots in those areas! Combine those vibrant reds. oranges, yellows and golds with the beautiful morning or evening light, and you can’t help but have a winning combination.

I just noticed, I only photographed one boy so far, but loads of girls. Luckily I have some boys coming up this week to balance this out a bit.

I can’t wait to share my next shoot with you guys. It really was something special and rather unique (I hate using that word, but it was!). If you are interested in enquiring about my photoshoot sessions, or my collection packages, please drop me a line here.

Until next time, enjoy these images 🙂

As always, all text and images are copyright, but, please if you do want to use anything, drop me a message!