mommy & me


I absolutely adore doing mommy (or daddy, grandpa, grandma) & me shoots. Watching the interaction between a parent and child you can really capture the raw emotion, the love, the happiness, and the joy of little moments. I also got to whip out my trusty lensball and do a few shots (see above), a nifty little gadget that just gives a little something extra in some shots. Also something you probably shouldn’t use in bright sunlight…. can anyone guess why?

We found a lovely little spot to do the shoot, where we have the beauty of the riverbed (above), as well as some more modern graffiti (below).

I loved the contrast between the happy faces and the colorful, but slightly industrial, harsh background of the graffiti (excuse me while I quickly go and edit out THE MINI VODKA BOTTLE IN THE FOREGROUND!). Ok, maybe its not the perfect trash-free spot, but with a little rubbish removal (next time I will bring a trash bag), it is a really cool location.

I can’t wait to get more of these down – PLUS I found an amazing fall location near Marble to capture the Aspen’s changing color!!! EEEEEK those shoots are going to be amazing!!!

This upcoming week is literally going to be editing, editing, editing, I have six shoots to edit, my website, and pricings to work on and update – as well as my mini-sessions to launch. Oh, and maybe a boudoir shoot or two with my new fall pumpkins!

Until next time – I am off to go and watch my first football game (any suggestions of who I am supposed to support here in Colorado?).