Look into the light!


I am working on a series of black and white images at the moment, and was fiddling around with this portrait – taken in the middle of the day under a bridge. By playing with the exposure a bit, and a series of other nifty Lightroom tricks, it became a moody portrait.

I love the light in her eyes and really wanted to mute the rest of the image so they really stood out. I think I achieved what I was aiming for here.

I love playing with light and shadow in black and white, it is simple, and easy to find exactly the right balance of light and dark to convey an emotion. I think color is much harder to play around with, especially since every photographer now days seems to just slap a preset on their work, adjust it a little and call it art.

I have noticed that there are two presets that are super common right now – warm tones with high contrast blacks and clarity turned up super high, or vibrance turned up and a sun filter added (to make it look like sunlight when there is none). A preset is a series of actions in Photoshop or Lightroom that are pre-recorded for you, so all you have to do is click a button and your photo automatically transforms. I just feel that if someone is paying you for your art, you should be creating your own style – but maybe that’s just me?

I have some exciting projects lined up this week, including a Halloween inspired boudoir session, and a charity session for an animal shelter!

Until next time!