Man. Masculinity. What does it mean really in the 21st century? We are surrounded by modern men who have lost the ability to work with their hands.

Manscaping, waxing, manicures. Soft hands.

Where is masculinity now?

My ‘man.’ series of photos will profile men working with their hands, whether it is an artist, a blacksmith, an enforcer, or a firefighter in an effort to explore masculinity in all of its forms.

Today there is much importance placed on being a mom. Momtrepreneur, momtographer, mom groups, meaningless hashtags. It’s endless. The female form is celebrated, lauded, placed on a pedestal.

What about men? What about dads? Mommy bloggers, momtrepreneurs, mom groups, women in general mock men, mock their husbands as fools, treat them like they can’t look after a child, clean up after themselves. I am surprised these men wipe their own ass without fear of being told they are doing it wrong.

With these photos I want to celebrate modern men. Those who still command respect, can be looked up to. Once completed I hope my audience will see the passion, the determination, the care these men have for what they do. I hope the audience will truly see who they are through my interpretation.

Keep watching my blog for the finished set.





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