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IMG_3183I have been watching a bun-fight over on one of the photography pages I am on – after a member stole another member’s photo, slapped their logo on it, and called it their own. Quite rightly, the original photographer was rather annoyed (this might be an understatement), and the plagiarist was banned from the group.

However this incident, and the recent IGN scandal got me thinking.. yes, it is undoubtedly wrong to steal other people’s work, whether it is images, words, artwork, or any form of intellectual property, but also, isn’t it a tiny little bit flattering that the intellectual property thief  stealing the work thinks your stuff is so good that they have to take it, and use it?

I have had people plagiarizing my work during the last 20 years, and I think it is both a little flattering (people wouldn’t plagiarize rubbish), and a little sad – because the intellectual property thief is not able to come up with their own idea/photograph to the standard you are producing.

To me, unless the intellectual property thief  is stealing your work, and making money off it, or ruining your business reputation by their use of it, it’s kind of funny. I really hope someone in the internet has started a ‘Bad Plagiarism’ thread – but even a Reddit search has failed me here.

No matter what my thoughts on it are, please don’t steal other people’s work, it makes you look like an asshole (also… it is illegal). If you are that desperate to emulate someone’s intellectual property, why don’t you reach out to them and tell them that you really admire their work, and ask if they can help you learn a similar editing technique, or writing/painting style.

(all of a sudden I wonder if those photographers using presets are committing some kind of intellectual property theft… but that’s an idea for another day!)

Here is the definition of plagiarism:

Right!! Enough procrastinating. I am mid-boudoir session edit. Time to amp up some curves and deliver some beautiful images to a beautiful lady for her partner’s Christmas gift!

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