When did feminism become man-shaming?

IMG_4901-Edit“Urgh, I left my husband at home with the kids, I hope they will be ok. I had to leave him instructions.”

When did it become ok to mock your husband/partner in public, and even write blogs about how terrible they are? When did feminism and gender equality turn into a hashtag war? When did it become ok to manshame?

If a man made a comment like the above about his wife/partner, or women in general, there would be a whole tribe of angry feminists waving placards and demanding the man who said it be castrated. But, put the shoe on the other foot, and there is silence….

In the self-righteous, chest-beating, woe-is-me movement that feminism has become, we have forgotten what we are fighting for. We aren’t fighting to belittle another gender and then perpetrate the inequalities previously felt by women on men.. are we? Because if we are, I am jumping off that bus right now.

My idea of feminism is working towards global gender equality, whether that is fighting for laws against FGM in countries that still practice it, fighting for women to be treated equally in countries such as India, where rape and sexual assault levels are, to be frank, absolutely fucking horrific, or fighting for fairer maternity and paternity leave regulations in the USA. My idea of feminism is righting the wrongs in the legal and educational system.

My idea of feminism is not creating even further inequalities by turning men into scape goats, making a mockery of masculinity, or turning gender inequality into a power game.

Feminism and supporting women is not about hashtags and social media fame #momtographer #momtrapreneur #girlboss (please can all the #dadtographers stand up?). It’s not about likes and shares, it’s not about being a #badassbitch.

Feminism is about that little girl in a back alley getting her genitals mutilated so that she won’t stray from her husband when she is married.

All of you hashtag warriors should be ashamed of what you have turned feminism into, and I am so tired of reading mom blogs/women blogs that manshame.

So, before you criticize your husband or partner as an idiot who apparently cannot take care of his own kids, cook a meal, help in the house, or as a man completely undeserving of your awesomeness, ask yourself a question or two.

Are you doing it because that’s what everyone is doing?

Is it nice?

If the answer is yes to either. Do him a favor and give him a divorce.

However, if your husband/partner is genuinely an idiot… I am sorry and feel free to hashtag away!

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