Black, white and COLD!

This week has been amazing; We had our first snow, I did some wedding edits, and I have quite a few photoshoot bookings next week – from family sessions to private sessions.

I was also invited to do a photoshoot for a bunch of real American cowboys roping horses and riding bulls last week. It was going to be a small private affair on a local ranch – basically a bunch of cowboys off duty hanging out with whiskey and adrenaline. Sadly it had to be postponed due to the weather – and the fact that they had to head up to Wyoming – but hopefully once this rain/snow has settled we will be back on. I am really excited to shoot this and think the shots will be amazing.

I am off to cook up some hot chocolate, sit by my fire, and wax up my snowboard.. not necessarily in that order. I wonder if I can carry my camera on the snowboard and take shots as I go? Hmmm maybe I will practice getting my balance first – and then take my old camera!

Have a fabulous weekend – and remember – life is what you make of it!

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