Winter is coming!

iPhone snapshot on our morning hike!

I have never woken up to a more beautiful sight than our garden ankle deep in snow. Our Dubai desert rescue has decided that he is actually a snow-wolf and I can’t stop him from dashing outside and doing massive high-speed loops around the garden in the snow, ending with a sneeze and burying his face in a snow drift.

Our perpetually unimpressed feline has decided that the humans in the house have deliberately dropped this cold, wet stuff at his front door and will not be coaxed out of bed thank you VERY much!

After 10 years of living in a desert, we are making the most of seeing weather again. I think we seem a bit weird to fellow Coloradans – all of us humans were standing outside in the snow with our tongues out catching snow flakes, and making snow angels.

I am currently going through my photos of the dogs for adoption at Rifle Animal Shelter and will post those up soon!

Until next time, I hope you all are enjoying your weather wherever you are!