Dubai to USA: rebuilding a business

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Moving from Dubai to Colorado was the best move we have ever made as a family, and I am so excited to be building my business here in this part of the USA. I have honestly never lived anywhere as beautiful as this state (except maybe Zimbabwe).

I was having a look at my statistics on my website this morning, and noticing how my American reach is growing! It is also fantastic to see just how far my website is reaching across the globe in a year.

I am still working on the right marketing pitches, building my networks, and developing a client base, all of which comes with time, and just a little hard work. Two months into this business journey, I am proud of where we are.

Having to start a business again in a different country is a real challenge, but for me, it has been an incredible journey so far. I am thrilled to be here in Colorado, and be part of this fantastic Roaring Fork Valley community.

Thank you America for making me feel so welcome!