How have I changed?

Colorado: Smiles all day.

Someone asked me this week how I think I have changed since moving to Colorado from Dubai…. I can tell you one thing. My view on leggings has changed. 

Dubai: Leggings are not pants.. ever, unless you are doing some kind of sporting activity, leggings belong at home.

Colorado: Write serious Walmart review of comfy leggings as pants.. confused as to why leggings are not considered formal wear??? Who made that decision? 

Jokes aside, I love this state and the abundant beauty that surrounds me every single day. It is super hard to be angry at the world when you start your day with a hike in the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. Come rain, snow or shine, every day is gorgeous.

If you live life for today, in the moment, surrounded by everything and everyone you have ever dreamed of, you realize just how much hard work, determination, and drive can pay off.

It’s never luck. Never take anything on your journey for granted.

Dubai – the smirk that sank 1,000 sales people.

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