Composites – taking my photos to the next level

Composites have always fascinated me, whether it is a simple one like the below, or something more creative, being able to add elements to a photograph is something that can add interest, and bring a photo of a child from the normal cute picture into a work of art. 

So, I made myself some time last week, and did my first photoshop tutorial (if anyone is looking, check this one out) which resulted in the below.. 

Adobe give you the images to work with while you follow the tutorial. For most of you who know photoshop basics, this is really easy to follow and every time he does something a little brain lightbulb goes on and you do the ‘OOOHHHHHH, thats how you can use that!’ response. I think I am going to have to watch it a few times before I memorize the uses of each layer and blending mode etc. 

I love how composites elevate your images from art, to fine art.

So, let’s get creating! It is so much fun. My next project is adding a Rudolph to a studio scene, let’s see how that goes!

Until next time.

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