Lifestyle is a thing

Getting messy with flour.

February has been my busiest month yet – which has definitely led to a slow down in the blogging.

You may recognize this home from my last interior/real estate shoot. I was invited back after that shoot to take some family shots. Since I am not a huge fan of very posed shots, especially when there are small children involved (who get bored pretty easily), I suggested a cookie baking lifestyle shoot.

Lifestyle shoots are simply the photographer capturing your family doing something, it can be baking (this is always a fantastic shoot), making a snowman, or just hanging out. The sessions can be as long as you want, but at a minimum I always suggest an hour.

Lifestyle photo-sessions are often harder to shoot because you are moving around in the home through different lighting scenarios, and shooting around different bits of furniture. However, they are definitely my favorite style of photo shoot. It’s fun watching the kids get messy and really play – I am able to capture such great expressions and emotions, while the family actually has fun.

It’s time for me to head off to my favorite charity, Rifle Animal Shelter, and grab some photos of their adoptable pets. I can’t wait to share them with you, and, who knows, maybe one of you readers will find your forever furry friend.

Good bye for now!