Times Square New York – and a lesson in why you should always help others

Animal rescue has always been something very close to my heart, having grown up in Africa surrounded by waifs and strays. Particularly memorable was my mother rescuing a pair of geese from the side of the road – after they literally fell off the back of a truck. These geese were mean little assholes, but that’s a story for another day!

When we moved to Colorado from Dubai, I really wanted to get involved with an animal rescue group and came across Rifle Animal Shelter. They agreed to let me come and photograph their adoptable animals once a month to help them find homes – those photos are also now part of fundraising efforts. I have loved being part of these animals journeys to find forever homes, and we have adopted a dog from the shelter ourselves.

One of the most memorable was Popper, a bundle of energy with a loving heart. She was passed over so many times and became a long-term resident at the shelter.

One of my photos of Popper was featured on a billboard in Times Square in New York, and she was adopted!!! What a double whammy of awesomeness!!!!

How many photographers can say their images has bee projected dozens of feet high in one of the worlds most recognisable tourist spots AND that it resulted in such a fabulous outcome for Popper.

So, if you are a creative professional, why not give a little of your time to a cause you care deeply about. The rewards are so many and varied, including making your heart happy.

Until next time!

Your almost famous Coloradan pet charity photographer. ❤️