Dog Town shoot #1

UHOHHHHHH you done screwed up this time pooch. I arrest you in the name of the paw… RUFF! Shooting for #dogtown is now underway!

Let me tell you, I have had THE BEST week ever this week. Not only am I booked up for the month, BUT, I am shooting a calendar for my favorite local non-profit! (for those of you who don’t know – it is Rifle Animal Shelter)

The shelter staff and I had talked a while back about doing a calendar, but this month, we decided to make it a reality. I came up with the concept “Dog Town”, which is pretty much what it says on the label. A town run by dogs. I shot my first session on Monday with the New Castle Colorado Police Department, who very kindly lent me their cop car, and themselves to make my idea a reality.

I went and dog-napped two gorgeous bundles of fluff from the shelter – namel Chewbacca (the boy in the front), and Chinook (the girl in the back), crossed my fingers and headed off.

As you all know, wrangling puppies is no easy feat. Check out one of the outtakes below – the Police Chief is in the back in full gear, ducking his head down and lifting Chinook up, while the policeman in the front tries to sit as far back as possible.

Spot the cops!! Thank you to this awesome team for helping out!

Obviously I can’t show the final edits for this shoot, but, please join me on my facebook page or instagram for behind-the-scenes, out-takes, and images that didn’t quite make the cut!

Next up… “The Librarian” with a wonderful pit-bull called Matthew.

Watch this space!!