Dog Town shoot #2 “The Librarian”

Good Morning! My name is Matthew, how can I help you? A quick out-take from my second shoot.

They say never work with kids or animals, whoever ‘they’ are, they are dead wrong. Meet Matthew, the kindest sweetest little pitbull pup. When I first met Matthew, I wasn’t sure whether we would be able to get him to play the part, but, as usual I was wrong and he rocked his shoot.

Admittedly it did involve me remote-triggering my camera white tossing treats at him. Look at that face – how can anyone have treated him so badly? He is covered in scars and underweight, but all in for cuddles, and love.

A big shout out to the folks at Garfield County Libraries for making this shoot happen, being patient while I fiddled around and got Matthew used to the library, and giving Matthew cuddles after his shoot.

As of writing, Matthew is still available for adoption at Rifle Animal Shelter. If I hadn’t already got a house full of pets, and no more space, I would have taken him home.

Modeling is hard work! Nap time.
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