A junkyard, tattoos, and an adopted dog

What better way to start blogging again than to start with my latest, and most favorite shoot to date? This client wanted some shots of him and his rescue pit-mix (adopted from Rifle Animal Shelter), after seeing some shots I had already done for the Rifle Animal Shelter fundraising calendar, in the junkyard (more on that later!!).

The day could not have been more perfect, the light was incredible and he (the dog) behaved impeccably, made even more impressive because he is, in fact, completely deaf. He has learned hand commands and is so calm and eager to please, he was a real pleasure to work with.

I wanted to get a deep feel to the images, and really show both the owner, and the pup’s personalities. We had a great junkyard guide, who showed us all of their classic cars and the jeep below.

I want to say a huge thank you to Trade Center Auto Recycling in Rifle, Colorado for allowing me to shoot there and for helping me find good spots to shoot at on their property.

If you would like to see this shoot in its entirely, please head over to this link.

Until next time!

Adopt, don’t shop


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