So, last weekend, when I was shooting at the Silt Police Bike Rodeo, I saw a gorgeous young lady shouting out customer’s orders at the fast-food truck.

She was wearing siren-red lipstick and a huge grin throughout the morning, and every time I caught her in my shots, she was just so bubbly. I knew that I had to do a photoshoot with her.

If I was in a massive town, or didn’t happen to be working with the police department, this would have been quite a difficult feat but, one of the officers contacted her dad and let him know I was wanting to do a portrait shoot.

Now, as any young female knows, being randomly contacted by someone for a ‘photoshoot’ sounds extremely suspect, we have all heard the stories. I hoped that the fact that I have worked with a couple of the local law enforcement people in the Valley, and that a police person contacted them, I would pass vetting!

Her dad said she was leaving for Texas this Saturday, and gave me her number, so I called and we set up the shoot for the very next day. I went from an afternoon maternity shoot straight to an evening portrait session.

Everything was perfect for the shoot, an overcast day, so I didn’t have to battle shadows, the perfect light to highlight her red-tinted hair and make that red lippy shine.

I could definitely do more shoots with her, maybe next time she is in town!

I used prompts rather than poses in her shoot, and by far the best expressions came through when she was arguing with her mom on when to move to Texas. One of the results is the image above. Pure sass.

Turns out she is a pretty good singer too.

Until next time! Thank you for following my journey.