What it means to be a professional


This post on Facebook resonated with me. I find myself shooting in all types of light, with all types of subjects.

This is why I do not specialize in wedding photography, or portrait photography, or a specific genre.

By taking on all types of jobs, especially event work, I become more and more proficient at shooting in any conditions, at any time of day, on any type of subject. I learn more and more at every shoot. This means that if I am faced with a wedding in low light at night with fast spinning dancers, I can figure out what settings and lighting to use to get the photo.

Being a professional means you know how to shoot in manual, and know your camera inside-out. It means you know your light, and it means you can fix any mistakes in post-production.

It means that 99% of the time you hit your focus, and produce the image that you see in your head.

As a photographer you should never stop learning. Being a professional doesn’t mean you know everything.