The fire within

“It’s not my job”, is a phrase that sends shivers down my spine. Unless there is a health and safety reason why you shouldn’t do something, why not think out side the box, come up with a solution, work together with your team to come to a creative solution.

Just because you are working a 9 to 5, or a shift job, doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, it doesn’t mean you let your brain rot. This is one of the challenges I have always had when I worked in the corporate job; I was surrounded by automatons who came to work, typed in their work, stood up and went home. Everyone was in it for themselves. There was very little creativity, very little thinking outside the box, very little flair.

I hear so many people complain they ‘can’t’ do something – whether it be doing something a little extra at work, taking care of the kids by themselves at home, or cleaning their own house.

Guess what though?

You can.

You should.

How exciting would the world be if people just said YES?

How many ways could you change your life if you just chased those dreams, followed those paths you neglected, just said yes?

11 years ago I had a car accident and smashed my spine. One of my vertebrae shattered on impact. I was told I was unlikely to walk again. So, after a month in hospital, and a couple of operations I hobbled out of there. Limping, damaged, able to walk.

But, I couldn’t really.

The little physical rehab that I had done forgot to teach me the basics of walking.

Now, for someone who has not had a life-changing injury, you read that and think “How did she forget how to walk??”, but you do. It’s weird. You have to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other – and it’s not as easy as it seems. So, for the last 11 years, I have walked with a pronounced limp, a bit flat-footedly like a duck. A few months ago I hurt my knee and last week I went to a doctor about it (yes, I am one of those). She told me that my knee injury was directly related to the weird way I walk (she didn’t say weird – but it was).

So, this lady is teaching me how to walk again.

After 11 years, I can learn how to walk, I can re-teach my body and my muscles how to put one foot in front of the other. Add to this the fantastic time I am having teaching myself new artistic photoshop techniques, and I feel more of a whole person than I have in several decades.

If I can learn how to walk again after 11 years, you can say yes. You can learn something new, you can overcome your challenges.

Please, never stop learning, never stop trying. If you can’t do it by yourself, find your support, your inspiration, your muse. Find a painting, a picture, a person that inspires, find your passion, find the real, the pure, the uninhibited love – and hold yourself accountable.

Please, just try.



This week I have been playing a little with some new photoshop techniques, using my own photographs as both the base image and another as the second image for this double exposure effect.

I love the high contrast between the black and white photo and the colors of the images I have used – aspen trees, and fire. I have also discovered that unless you have the right pair of photos, in terms of feel, emotion, etc, the composite just wont work.

Next week I am delving further into composites, and will see what I can come up with! I hope you enjoy these ones.

Until next time 🙂

IMG_1281Oh my gosh! Look what I woke up to this morning (see below)! One of my photos (taken in Dubai at a live rock gig of the Skreemin Egulz lead singer Craig) has been chosen out of hundreds of thousands of global entries to be exhibited in a charity exhibition in Berlin for a great cause! There were close to 2.2 million entries for this apparently!!

More about the exhibition:

BERLINBLUE art presents guest project GuruShots with their brand new charitable gallery show “Your exhibition shot” – GuruShots is an online platform that connects and inspires hundreds of thousands of photographers from all over the world. With their gallery shows GuruShots acts bridge-building between the virtual and the tangible world.

The exhibition will support Pass the Crayon, a Berlin based nonprofit organization with the mission to facilitate the integration of refugee children using art as a way of growing their social and emotional skills.

“Your exhibition shot” will present works of 600 international professional as well as hobby photographers, each of them presenting their favorite image. The photographies will be shown as prints as well as on a screen.

If anyone happens to be in Berlin the details are:
Opening Friday Nov 16th, 7-10 pm
Open Sat+Sun Nov 17th+18th, 12-5 pm

At the Berlin Blue Art Gallery.

You will have the chance to see some outstanding photography (and my entry!!) at this event – AND support a great cause.

Thanks for reading!!


These beautiful fluff-snuggles are available for adoption from Rifle Animal Shelter, in Rifle Colorado. Call them, or drop them a message to adopt these guys and be their forever family. Head over to this page to check out the dogs for adoption! and catch the rest of the images here: 

I didn;t manage to get this pair’s names – but they come as a pair – both are super chilled out.
Rusty is a fluffy, gorgeous boy, he comes with Tebo the Abyssinian. What a handsome pair!
Miss Kitty is not enjoying cage life – why not open up your home for her?
Tebo, the Abyssinian is a bundle of purrs and love – he comes with his friend Rusty as a pair.
I’m Billy! I’m a sweet, Chunky, old Gal! looking for a Furever home! I am 13 years young and I love talking to people!
Sprocket is a bundle of love ❤

Contact Rifle Animal Shelter if you are interested in adopting any one of these gorgeous dogs – call (970) 625-8808 or their website is: to see the cats for adoption click here – and catch the rest of the images here: 

Penny! She is 6 years young and a gentle giant. She’s a shepherd mix who loves other dogs and snuggles. Sweet as can be.
Dakota looks a bit like a coyote! High energy and LOVEs hugs and playing
Shaka, an older lady who prefers to be the only pet. Desperate for a forever home.
Lanai – a husky/lab mix – sweet personality, just wants love.
Popper – bouncy and gorgeous! A perfect playmate
Marley – a shy chihuahua mix who needs cuddles to feel safe.
Chip – a 3 year old hound mix who may need some extra exercise to reduce his middle-aged spread. Cute as a button and great with kids.
Cybin – an adorable sharpei/pitbull mix – look at that grin!
Oliver is a 9 year old shnauser mix. He needs some help overcoming his anxiety.