Gorgeous boudie babe

Well, well, well… the time has come for me to separate out my boudoir imagery from my family and portrait business. Due to the high volume of boudoir photoshoots I am doing at the moment, I believe it is best to separate out the more adult content and keep this site family friendly!

So, please find my brand new boudoir only website at www.boudoirbygeorgina.com – I have just launched it, so if you catch any glitches.. LET ME KNOW!!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂


Corporate headshots in Carbondale

This last week has been super busy with private boudoir clients, but I got a slight change of pace yesterday, when I got to photograph Wolf Gensch – from Wolf Gensch Construction, at his home – which ironically enough for a contractor, is currently under renovation.

I photographed Wolf and his son for both formal headshots, and for a little father-son goofing around.

We are under a storm warning here – so am editing, editing editing!

Have a fabulous week everyone!

EEEK! I have been so busy since New Year that I haven’t had time to post! I have been shooting back-to-back with editing sandwiched in-between. I have decided to separate out my boudoir business from my family & portraits, so I am also building a brand new boudoir only website.

I have two years of images to play with, so am hoping to get something brilliant up. If you are interested in boudoir shoots with me; couples boudoir, maternity boudoir, bridal boudoir, or just because I want to boudoir – join me on my VIP ladies only boudie babe group here, or follow my work on my brand new shiny instagram handle @boudoirbygeorgina

If you are more into family, portraits and weddings catch me on my traditional photography instagram @georginafordphotos.

I have a boudie babe marathon coming up, with five ladies hitting my studio, I absolutely love the fact that I get to make these moms, grandmoms, soon-to-be-wed ladies feel like goddesses for the day!

As always thanks for followng my journey!

Happy 2019 to all my friends, followers, and people randomly browsing the internet while trying to get rid of their hang-over. What a year 2018 has been for my business and I, and 2019 has already started with such incredible promise.

A few years ago, while in a dead-end job, I took stock of who I was, where I was, and where I wanted to be. I was sitting there, a Managing Editor of a business and finance publishing house, earning a great salary, but I had completely lost all joy. I looked back at the days when I leaped out of bed and was excited to work, to develop magazines, improve the publications. There was none of that joy anymore. I craved a life where I could be master of my own destiny, create beautiful stories for people either through words, or pictures. One of my passions is sharing people’s stories, emotions, lives – bringing readers and viewers in through my pen or my camera and make them FEEL. There was no way I could do that in a corporate suit obeying mindless directives, developing policies just to ensure people did their jobs. My worst nightmare – sitting in an office mindlessly repeating tasks, saying the same things over and over, a salaried automaton waiting for the next pay-cheque. So I picked up my camera again, and really started learning. I developed my contacts for freelance writing and editing.

I resigned.

It was scary, it could have failed, but I did it. I took a leap of faith. My family and I then moved to Colorado, and here we are.

If you have a dream, work towards it, just take that first step.

Taking photos of your kids is not easy, especially when they are small and fast (or big and unimpressed!). I have taken photos of kids from days old, to decades old. Here are a few easy tips to nab those photos on your phone, or camera this holiday season.

  1. If you are using a camera, shoot in sports mode if you have small kids. The higher shutter speed will capture those precious seconds as they zoom about! 
  2. Photography literally means painting with light – try and get your kids positioned so that the light is on their face – and there are no shadows on their faces for example, near a window or a door if you are inside. If you are outside, do not face them towards direct sun as they will be squinting. Try and find even shade.
  3. Give them something to do. This can be playing with a toy, jumping up and down, or getting them explaining the plot to a cartoon they watched, a story they read. Ask them questions and snap those expressions as they talk.
  4. Watch them play – take out your camera and take photos. Some of the very best images are unposed. Move yourself around them to find the best light.
  5. Always focus on their eyes. If they are still babies (even young kids), get a squeaky toy. I have found that making a noise will attract both kids eyes, and pets eyes, (and sometimes can be used with adults too!).
  6. Get down to their level. Take photos on the floor with your child.
  7. If you are going to take posed photos, keep the time short. Most small kid’s attention spans are 15 minutes at a time. 
  8. If you are taking photos outside, the best time to do it is early morning or evening at dusk. The shadows are not as harsh, and you get better light.
  9. One guaranteed technique is to tell your kid not to smile. EVER. during the session. You will get cheeky grins all round.
  10. Have fun in a sessions. Smile, laugh, make fart jokes if you have to. 

Happy Christmas Everyone, from my family to yours.

Check out my child portraiture & family sessions here.

I am so excited to have won this photograph competition, with this photo! This is definitely one of my favorite bag companies (who doesn’t want a bag guaranteed for life right??). Head on over to Saddleback Leather and check out their amazing range of bags. I am trying to choose my next bag, but there are so many choices!!!! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous Christmas season. the kids are off, it is time to get your phones and cameras out and get those happy holiday snaps. Check out my blog on Christmas eve on how to take the BEST kid and family snaps this festive season!

Until next time.

Composites have always fascinated me, whether it is a simple one like the below, or something more creative, being able to add elements to a photograph is something that can add interest, and bring a photo of a child from the normal cute picture into a work of art. 

So, I made myself some time last week, and did my first photoshop tutorial (if anyone is looking, check this one out) which resulted in the below.. 

Adobe give you the images to work with while you follow the tutorial. For most of you who know photoshop basics, this is really easy to follow and every time he does something a little brain lightbulb goes on and you do the ‘OOOHHHHHH, thats how you can use that!’ response. I think I am going to have to watch it a few times before I memorize the uses of each layer and blending mode etc. 

I love how composites elevate your images from art, to fine art.

So, let’s get creating! It is so much fun. My next project is adding a Rudolph to a studio scene, let’s see how that goes!

Until next time.