Dogs for adoption at Rifle Animal Shelter

These are some of the dogs currently available for adoption at the Rifle Animal Shelter, in Rifle Colorado. Don't forget, even if you can't adopt, you can donate, or volunteer at the shelter!  



Today I was honored to be able to photograph a family taxidermy business. The owner has been working in the business for 40 years, and his son has been working in the shop for as long as he  can remember. The walls of the taxidermy building are embroidered with memories, stuffed with little trinkets, stitched … Continue reading taxidermy.


Man. Masculinity. What does it mean really in the 21st century? We are surrounded by modern men who have lost the ability to work with their hands. Manscaping, waxing, manicures. Soft hands. Where is masculinity now? My ‘man.’ series of photos will profile men working with their hands, whether it is an artist, a blacksmith, … Continue reading man.

Look into the light!

I am working on a series of black and white images at the moment, and was fiddling around with this portrait - taken in the middle of the day under a bridge. By playing with the exposure a bit, and a series of other nifty Lightroom tricks, it became a moody portrait. I love the … Continue reading Look into the light!