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Adulting 101: With cake

  The very first rule of being an adult, is have fun! We all get to serious and boring when we get older. I managed to rope this lovely lady into a cake smash session, and she really did rock it. I wanted it to be the most colourful session possible, with much mess - … Continue reading Adulting 101: With cake

Freelancer life

I am now officially an in-house freelancer running a B2B title (I have spent 10 years editing business to business publications - so I get the fun stuff!). I have been balancing my photography and being an editor quite successfully over the last month or so, although my post frequency has slowed down slightly. I … Continue reading Freelancer life

Photoshoot: Mum & Me

One of last week's shoots was a mum & daughter session at their home! Check out a few from the session in the gallery above. I loved the vibrancy of mum's hair, makes a great contrast and means I find it really hard to do any black and whites!! We did manage to get some … Continue reading Photoshoot: Mum & Me

Tattoo complete!

My image, immortalised on skin by the incredible Jay Freestyle, in Amsterdam. Doesn't it look incredible? I am so pleased that this worked out so brilliantly, and so interesting to see the artists take on my image and his interpretation for the client. I would love to get a tattoo by this guy. Maybe on … Continue reading Tattoo complete!

Finding you through my lens

More intimate styles of photoshoots can be contentious, they can be frowned upon. Women say things like 'Oh, I would NEVER do that", "I would never let my husband do that!",  men say "oh I would never let my Partner do that!". Those people do not understand just how empowering an intimate photoshoot can be. … Continue reading Finding you through my lens