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It’s a bugs life

Following the recent wildfires in Basalt, I have noticed a lot more insect life on my daily hikes. I wonder how many of the flying ones have been forced up here away from the smoke. The ants were busy moving house from a spot in the shade to a spot in the sun, further down … Continue reading It’s a bugs life

Storm clouds and memories

  After living many years of my life in southern Africa, there was one thing I missed while living in the Middle East; the monstrous, bottom-heavy purple-blue thunderheads that would appear on the horizon, bellies heavy with the promise of rain for the parched red-brown soil beneath. In my parents house on the outskirts of … Continue reading Storm clouds and memories

Love & marriage: In pictures

So far this year, I have had the privilege of photographing couples at the start of their married journey, and couples who have been married for 20+ years. Here is a small selection of some of my favorite candid moments from some of those shoots. I look forward to capturing many, many more. I hope … Continue reading Love & marriage: In pictures


  I am playing around with editing techniques and kind of liked how this raven came out - it has an edge of vintage horror to it with the heavy grain, vignette, and sepia toning. I usually hate vignettes (the darkening around the outside of the photo) but I think it works with the atmosphere … Continue reading Ravens

Fighting fires

4,900 acres of land around Lake Christine in Colorado, have been scorched by a blazing inferno over the last two days, the fire driving families, pets, and wildlife before its ferocious heat. Emergency services personnel are fighting every hour to stop the blaze from affecting any more homes. However, 500 homes are directly in the … Continue reading Fighting fires