Boudoir for every body

“My husband was literally speechless when he saw my pics! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited about pictures of myself! Even during the shoot I lacked confidence in myself (even though Georgina put me totally at ease), and I had no confidence that I would like any of my pictures (this is my flaw not anything to do with her), but holy cow was I WRONG (insert trump voice here 😂)! I am absolutely blown away by my photos and I’m already planning a couples boudoir shoot with her! I seriously can’t stop looking at them and want to share them with the world, but I won’t because they’re special to my husband. I’m a mother of 3(1 c-section) and I have MS which makes it difficult to stay in shape but I look like a model thanks to Georgina. She’s a pro at what she does and knows the right positions for your body type to make you look stunning!!! My plan was to just frame my photos for my husbands work apartment but I actually want to frame some for our bedroom at home too! I literally could go on and on about how awesome this experience was but I don’t think Facebook gives you that much space to write lol Thank you Georgina! You gave this girl a reason to smile while looking at pictures of herself! WIN!” – Freedom (Colorado)

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My boudoir shoots are designed for EVERY BODY.

I have never used models, and photograph ONLY women like you and me of all ages and body types. I am the only person in the room during the shoot, and, as a woman, I am completely familiar with how we feel about our bodies!

I run you through a few questions to start, to learn what parts of yourself you love and what parts you would prefer I do not focus on. Then the magic begins!

I have a special private Facebook Group for all of my boudoir ladies and those ladies interested in joining me for a photoshoot, feel free to join in.

I have both outdoor and studio locations available, and will also shoot in the privacy of your own home, or a hotel, should you choose that option.

Let’s chat – drop me a message on (970) 984 8788 or email me on or just hit the button below!
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I am always happy to work with your budget, and discuss payment plans.